What Does It Do - how does it work

eyeMon is primarily a baby monitor, that allows you to monitor your child with your mobile phone or tablet.

eyeMon transmits audio and video from one device to another device running eyeMon.

Install eyeMon on two devices, and then watch audio and video streamed from the capture device to the viewer device.

One device is used to collect and transmit the audio and video, the other device simply plays the captured data.

Its got tons of really cool features like battery monitoring.

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Can I try it

Too right, there is a free eyeMonLite version in the play store. This has all the functionality of the full version, but will only run for 10 minutes at a time.

I want it

eyeMon is an Android app available from the play store.

Setting it up

eyeMon is pretty smart and requires very little setup. All it needs is a WIFI network to get started.

First start one device as the capture device and then start the other as the viewer device. The viewer will locate (or discover) the capture device and once connected, live data will be streamed to the viewer.

If you get a bit stuck there is loads to help in the help and FAQ pages.

Other Uses

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