eyeMon is packed with really cools features, and we plan to add even more

some of them you might not even notice, but we have taken the time and effort to make eyeMon work as well and as smoothly as possible

eyeMon Hot Spot Technology

Where no WiFi signal is available, join a hot spot created for you by eyeMon on the capture device

Image Always Up

When this is set to 'on', the image will always be rotated on the viewer to be the same way up

Battery Monitoring

The viewer device is instructed of the battery status of the capture device, so that action can be taken if the capture device battery runs low

Audible Alarm on Capture Device Disconnection

If the capture device goes off line then the viewer device will detect this an raise an audible alarm

Permit Use of Port Forward, to view externally

If your router and firewall permit, use port forwarding to view the capture device from outside your network

Plenty More coming soon

We have tons of new and innovative idea, these will be coming in future releases

Watch this space