The configuration page allows you to change the configuration to one that might suit you more.

It is not mandatory to update the factory settings, its up to you


The Rotation applies to both the capture and viewer devices

Some Android Devices rotate the 'on screen video'. This option allows you to correct the video as it is seen on each device


The app password, the passwords have to match on both devices for pairing to be successful.

Update to one of your own, this stops others from connecting to you


eyeMon uses three 'ports' one for internal eyeMon comms, another two for the audio and video streams

These ports can be changed, but please ensure that they are the same on both devices

The External IP, is the IP Address assigned to you by your ISP. This address can be used in the Capture Device Address (below)

Behaviour Viewer

These setting are for the viewer device only

Behaviour Capture

These setting are for the capture device only

When this is 'Yes' eyeMon creates a hotspot that the viewer joins.

This is really useful when no wifi network is available, such as in the middle of a field when camping (more)